Sunday, July 11, 2010

Quinn's at Camp and a Few Minutes with Aunt Kim and Uncle Chris

Quinn is off to Soccer camp. His siblings and I dropped him off at N.A.U. this afternoon. He was so excited! We were out of the cabin at 9:50am and made it to Church by 10am. (Dad had to work) That has never happened before. Quinn was moving at lightening speed, and couldn't wait for his soccer week to start. He scored his own room in the dorms and I hope he makes lots of new friends. As I kissed him goodbye, with a few tears behind the sunglasses, I thought to myself, in a little more than 3 years, I will be getting Claire ready for her first year of college. So, I cried a few more tears that I hope none of them saw, and wished my oldest son a wonderful week!

On the way back we stopped by Aunt Kim and Uncle Chris's house. Seriously, we were there for all of 30 minutes, but the kids had a blast and some much needed time out of the car. I wish I could have posted these pics on 2 separate posts, but Mom is out of town this week, and wanted to share. That first picture of Emily made us all crack up! To quote the English Soccer Coaches, Cheers!


Anonymous said...

Claire and Jill, these are special pictures. Love the first Emily picture. Also, the picture of Quinn at Soccer camp and the kids visiting Aunt Kim and Uncle Chris. Thanks for doing this blog because it makes us feel closer to the family.

Love you all,

Anonymous said...

Yes -- Grandma and I had a good laugh at Emily's picture! Also, I can just read Will's mind when he was tolerating all the pictures before you left him at camp. I'm sure he's having fun! --Aunt Carrie

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh at the ball player Emily. Did she hit the ball? Will looked sour like he did not want a picture taken and I laughed at that.I hope he has a great time at camp and learns a lot about soccer. Might be able to play soccer in school later and get on the team in HS. Love Grandpa.

Big Happy Family said...

Pretty sure Emily hit the ball, and Quinn was none too happy at all of the pictures! We get a text everyday from him, he is having a great time. He went to camp and didn't know a single soul. Didn't bother him a bit, self confidence he has never lacked for! Thanks for the posts!

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness that first picture of Em is rediculous cute! She is so stinkin funny, look and the eye and the dimple, you need to blow that up and frame it. Serious!