Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July

Hope everyone has a safe, happy and super fun 4th of July!
I always think about 5 little Americans that started out their lives in far away countries and came home to live with us here in America.


Anonymous said...

Happy July 4. Love the patriotic pictures. Emily, your boots are a special addition to your outfit. Awesome, and there is Claire with the flag (bigger than you).

Had a great time with you all. Enjoy your time at the cabin.

Love, Ammy

Anonymous said...

Hope you are enjoying the cabin -- our house now seems awfully quiet!!! We miss you all. It was fun being with you in Chicago and having you at our home. Enjoy the holiday -- and say a prayer of thanks for the beautiful country that you live in! --Love, Aunt Carrie

Anonymous said...

Loved seeing my four favorite guys. Thanks girls for sharing them with me. Those two boys are so special. Glad you didn't display me in my gown.