Thursday, July 15, 2010

Gone Fishing for Nemo

Finally I am home, with the sweetest 5 ever! Just a few pictures from last weekend to share. Our cabin is in the heart of some of the best fishing lakes in the State, but our kids are casting their poles over the balcony. I think it's time for some real fishing for these little ones. I still think they are too darn cute catching Nemo, the Bunny and whatever else they can tie to those poles. So happy to be home! Just got a weekend proposal I can't turn down. Pick up Quinn on Saturday, lunch with Uncle Chris and Aunt Kim and then off to the Grand Canyon. The only C to have ever visited the Grand Canyon was Ralph!
Can't wait to pick up Soccer Quinn!!!
Looking forward to some cool weather and beautiful views!
Hugs and Blessings!


DiJo said...

Wow is that one gorgeous deck!!! I can only imagine what the rest of the cabin is like!!!!!! You need to do some "real" fishing up her in the great white north!

Have a fun weekend!


Kim Rice said...

Great pics of fun at the "cabin". Nice and cool over there. Love y'all, Aunt Kim

Unknown said...

So cute!!! Miss you guys.