Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Day with Ammie and Papa

So, I think we did a really bad job of taking pics of Ammie and Papa, but we still had a great day!
The flowers were spectacular. The weather was beautiful. And from my own Grandmothers I have learned that flowers are a gift on earth, and that Grandparents are the people who help you see the person that you never thought you could be. Love to our 4 wonderful Grandparents who share their wisdom with us and with our 5 little blessings.
And to those special Grandparents looking in on us from Heaven, who helped shape the lives of Ralph and I....Thank you (:

Thank you to D, Claire really was listening...the flower pictures, by our Jei Jei


Anonymous said...

Great pictures, as usual, as were the ones with the the other grandparents and Carrie. We enjoyed our time together. Too short, but we will take it.


DiJo said...

What a sweet post for your Grandparents here and in Heaven!!!! Great flower pics too! :)