Thursday, July 22, 2010

At the Cabin

Claire was taking pictures of Shaelee and Emily from the deck. I always wonder, what are those 2 little ones cooking up? They wouldn't tell us what game they were playing or what they were talking about, but it must have been good, because they look like they were having fun. Claire got these beautiful Sunset pictures. Looks like God was painting the skies over our heads...just stunning!


DiJo said...

So beautiful!!!!! Great job Claire! I love seeing these two sisters finding their way together!!!!

We are up at the cabin too!!!


Kim Rice said...

Lovely sunset and sisters. I hope you have a great weekend. Claire, these are great photos. You are learning to capture many spontaneous moments to record the wonder of family. The family is a special gift from God. I'm so glad you all are part of our family. Love, as always, Aunt Kim

Anonymous said...

Claire, Beautiful pictures - looks like you are having fun with that new camera. I especially liked "the hug." Did E and S get the dresses we mailed.

Love you, love you,