Friday, July 2, 2010

Another Reunion

As I sit here tonight, I find myself, once again most grateful to be part of an amazing story and a beautiful journey that includes these 2 special girls from China. Shaelee was able to see her best buddy this week in Chicago. Watching them together, I can only reflect on what they must be thinking. I do know that they are very special friends. They hugged and smiled and looked out for each other, all things that best friends do for each other. I think the most touching moment I saw, was when Shaelee's beautiful hat got soaking wet, and she cried so hard. Sienna walked over and put her hat on Shaelee's head. These are 4 year olds, and their obvious love and respect for each other is so apparent in their interactions with each other. I hope one day, that they can tell us what they are thinking and how they feel. For now, I am just grateful to be a part of their miracle.

Claire and Emily were able to share in the reunion as well, finally meeting Sienna and her family. They have followed "First a Pearl then a ruby" blogspot since we connected with Sienna's family not so long ago. Such an amazing few days.
Shaelee is so content just knowing that her buddy is in her life. She misses Sienna, but knows that she will see her again. What a gift that these little girls have with their very sweet friendship. Claire told me last night that she really "missed her girls". The girls that she had just said good bye to at the end of her own China reunion. Thankfully, Shaelee and Sienna will always have each other, just like Claire has her "girls".

Thank you Diana, Ainsley, Sienna and Ruby for our time together, and a huge thank you to B and Lucy for being such a magical part of Shaelee and Sienna's special days together.


DiJo said...

Beautiful post Jill! We feel very blessed to now be "family!" God has given all of us a very special gift!

We had such a great time in Chicago!!! I want another beach day soon!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend celebrating!

We love you guys!
Diana & the Girls

Anonymous said...

We really loved seeing these beautiful pictures of the reunions of our granddaughters with their Chinese friends. Really special for us, the grandparents to be able to share in some of their special times. Of course, our sweet Emily fits right in with all the socializing.

Thanks to God for our three granddaughters. (Also, our two grandsons, obviously not pictured.) They are an awesome bunch.
Also, thanks to Jill and Claire for sharing.

Love you all,