Saturday, May 22, 2010

Girl's Day Out!

It started with a trip to Target with all 5 kids. A little alone time for Ralph, to catch up on whatever he needed to do. Then lunch, with all 5 kids. From there, the girls got their toes done. Several blog buddies have been showing pretty feet, so here are ours....
Emily got her hair shampooed and cut, it looks so pretty. Shaelee needed a haircut so badly, but she fell asleep before it was her turn. She had a rough night last night. Crying, little fever. When we got home she started pulling on her ears. Still apologizing to the boys who were looking forward to a quick trip to the Y.
Claire and I took Shaelee to urgent care. She was none to happy, thinking for sure, there was going to be a shot involved. See her sitting with Claire? Didn't want to be there. Definitely an ear infection. Started antibiotics tonight, she looks like she is already on the mend!

Oh, and can't wait to show pictures of our naughty cat...but that will have to wait.
Happy Saturday everyone!


Unknown said...

I love your toes girls!!! Can't wait until Lexi is old enough to join us for Pedi's! I love the picture of the 3 it even legal to have that much beautiful in one picture???

DiJo said...

Love it!!!! So glad you girls had fun together... So sorry about sweet Nadi's ear infections... Get her healthy so we can have some fun in Chicago!!!!