Sunday, May 23, 2010

Corey in the House! Football Anyone?

The kid's have one 1st cousin, the famous Corey. He lives in SF, has a really cute girlfriend we are dying to meet, AND he is a lawyer. We are so proud of him. He came to hang out with his cousins today, and of course they were thrilled to see him. Just to be clear, the older football player is my brother, Uncle Chris, and the younger football player is Corey. Oh, and the last picture, I finally got the boys plus Ms Em to the Y.....
All action shots by Claire
PS Shaelee is feeling much better, but did not want to participate in football!
Hey Corey, I remember that special 9 year old that loved Michael Jordan! My kids look at you and love you just the same as you loved MJ. You are our 20 something hero. Safe travels to you, come back soon! Love you!
And Happy Birthday Emma!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry I didn't comment on these pictures earlier. They are all so neat. The six grandchildren picture is very special.

Love to you all,
Ammy & PaPa