Saturday, May 15, 2010

Claire the Photographer

Claire has been experimenting with photography. Yesterday, she dressed her sisters, curled their hair, and took some super cute shots. She even got the boys to comb their hair. She got all of them to pose for her, and I think she did a fantastic job! I noticed however, that the boys really need a haircut. Putting that on the list for the weekend!


Anonymous said...

Claire, you are an extraordinary photographer. Can you download these pictures to a disk? My disk drives don't work anymore, but I can take one, if you send it to me, to WalMart to have copies made.

Maybe you have a future in photography, Claire Bear.

Love you much,
Ammy & PaPa

DiJo said...

OK Claire!
Bring that camera to Chicago! Let's go on a photo shoot! Can't wait!

Great job with your siblings!!!!