Friday, May 21, 2010

9 Days to 15

It's a countdown, 9 days till Claire is 15! How did that happen so fast? I have a lot of work to do to get ready. I wanted to post one of my favorite pictures of Claire (and Quinn). Quote of the day: Claire is the sweetest big sister ever. She could have been an only child, but then she started asking for siblings. She begged us for a baby "brudder". Just 9 more days. We are forever blessed and grateful for the privilage of being parents to this beautiful young lady from Nanning, Guangxi China.
(and of course her wonderful 4 siblings)


Unknown said...

She is such a Beauty!! Look at her little matching dress, tights, and shoes! So stinkin cute!

DiJo said...

I agree with Mary!!!! Love the outfit!!!!! Have fun counting down!


Anonymous said...

Claire, I too have been counting days until your birthday. How well I remember this sweet picture. It is framed and setting on PaPa's night stand.

Believe this is the first birthday we have ever missed being there for Claire. Oh, how we love her as well as all of our precious grandchildren.

Love you,