Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Some old photos that look so cute today!

Didn't have anything new to post, so here are some very vintage pictures. Some are pictures we took for our Dossier to get our Dear Viny. A little trip down memory lane. How did they grow up so fast?


Unknown said...

Could they be any cuter?? Not! They grow too fast don't they? We had such an awesome time with you sunday. I have tried repetativley to email you about that as well as run dates by you for dinner but they will not go through. Did you change your email address? Mary

Anonymous said...

These pictures melt my heart. It seems like yesterday. But, we love them even more today. That's a lot.


Anonymous said...

I loved seeing the old pictures -- particularly your blue pants, Will, and Emily's striped sunglasses! Looks like Shaelani is getting the hang of the backyard waterpark. --Aunt Carrie