Thursday, April 1, 2010

Best Buddies

Shaelee and Mom had the most amazing 2 days ever. No words can really describe how incredible it was to watch these beautiful little girl's from Hunan reunite. It was almost like they had never been apart for 5 months. Sienna was such a wonderful hostess. She took Shaelee's hand at the airport and the 2 of them never looked back. Their beautiful smiles and giggles as they played together will ring in Mom's memory forever. They were so comfortable with each other. We are so grateful to Sienna's family for being so welcoming. We have made such special new friends, and all because of our 2 precious little girls. Forever amazed that we have been blessed to share in Sienna and Shaelee's journey to their new families and finally, back to each other.
Thank you Sienna, J, D, the Pearl and the Ruby....
Love always from AZ


Karen said...

LOVE THIS!!! trunks of memories still to come : )

Anonymous said...

Shaeloni's smiles are about the best I have ever seen on her face. The pictures are adorable. I saw some others on Diana's blog.

Thanks for sending these.

Love to all,

DiJo said...

Truly a gift from God!!!! What a gift to share in this special reunion! Thank you again for giving Sienna such a special present!! It was such an amazing two days!!! We miss you already!


Unknown said...

God is amazing is He not? I can just about see him smiling right now.