Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Summer Fun Has Just Begun

The kids are off for Spring Break, and Mom is trying to carve out some time to play. Dad is taking tomorrow off to go to our cabin. Not sure why, it's going to be very cold there, and it is absolutely beautiful here. Claire went to see Alice in Wonderland with her gym friends, and the 4 smallest of us went to the Y for a quick swim. This was the first time that Shaelee actually willingly went into a pool. She started out tentative, but it didn't take her long to understand how much fun a pool could be. This one isn't very deep, 4 feet at it's highest, but perfect for just having a great time. Of course, Mom forgot a change of clothes and Shaelee insisted that she join in the family fun. Anyway, one last night with Mike, Priscilla and Erika before they fly home.

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Anonymous said...

Cute, cute pictures. Just talked with Priscilla. She said they had a great time in AZ.

Thanks for sharing and keeping us updated on what is going on.

Love you,
Ammy & PaPa