Monday, March 1, 2010

Shaelee's Best Buddy Sienna Grace!

As always, I will refer you to the travel site for "First a Pearl and then a Ruby" website. No words can describe our thoughts as we saw the day unfold for our new friends and their beautiful new daughter. Sienna is now safely with her new family. Shaelee is very aware of what is happening. I thought I would share Ms Shaelee's first reaction to the travel website as she saw most of these pictures for the very first time. We sent these pictures off to China so that Shaelee can say "Hi" to her best buddy.


Anonymous said...

Cute pictures. Shealoni has gotten even cuter in one short week. We miss all our grandchildren. Please give them a big hug from Ammy and PaPa.

DiJo said...

These are beyond adorable!!!!!!!

Can't wait to get these two sweet friends together!!!