Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sienna Day in China!

Today is the day that we have been counting down for several months. For our families who read this little blog, you are all aware of this beautiful story. The incredible story of 2 best friends from Hunan, and the 2 American families that were blessed to have found each other. This is the day that Shaelee's best buddy in China is finally meeting her new family. They are in Changsha China now, and at 3pm their time (midnight MST), they will meet their new daughter Sienna. It'a already Monday in China. Sienna will retrace the same steps today, that Shaelee made a little over 3 months ago. We are so happy that Sienna will meet her new family today! We are so thankful to be able to share in special journey. We just wanted to share with our parents and friends how happy we are for Sienna's family. We are saying special prayers for this very special family. We hope you will too.

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