Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A little glamour in our life!

It was Claire's first dance performance! She wasn't posing for pictures in front of all of her High School friends, so the best I could do was snap one of her getting into the car. She did an amazing job! Mom got to see her tonight, and Dad gets to go tomorrow. She is so graceful and sure of herself. How fast she has grown up. How proud I was of her! Dad has a real treat in store tomorrow night.
And then there is Emily. It's 80's day tomorrow. Can you guess who she is? Think Madonna.....She is so excited to be all dressed up with ribbons and sparkles in her hair.
And Miss Shaelee, needed to be in a picture with her big sisters!
A special shout out to Karen, I bet your Dad was thrilled to see you today! Thinking of you!


Kim Rice said...

We hated to miss Claire's performance. We hope you filmed it. The girls are precious as ever. Really quite glamorous!

Karen said...

Thanks for the shout out and your help!!! it's always a lovely feeling to have angels in my corner :)