Monday, November 16, 2009

Well, I think it's time to update that blog. I think it's been quite a while, so if I am repeating myself, I am so sorry. We finally made it to Guangzhou. We were hoping for some warm balmy weather, but instead it is cold and rainy. We are trying to make do with lots of layers, but it's just really cold. The Northern and Central parts of China are really cold. We had a 2 hour wait at the airport last Friday. Not like our airports. Cold drafty and lots of people. They did have food thankfully, and the girl's were starved.

Shaelee is always happy to have food. She loves to eat! She is the tiniest little girl, and eats so much food. William "Quinn", I think you have competition. She continues to be a happy little girl, just a sweet heart, with her unbelievable giggles. She loves taking baths, I think she'll love the pool this summer. She has a little 3 and 1/2 year old friend that she met this weekend. The 2 of them chatter in Chinese. We have no idea what they are saying but they crack themselves up. I think they are both so happy that they found someone that they can talk to.

We did the medicals today. She's up to 25 pounds. Such a tiny peanut. She has incredibly long eyelashes, and a beautiful little grin. I would say that I am smitton. She still prefers Claire, which we understand from the other families who brought siblings, that this is normal. When she falls asleep I just stare at her in wonder. Such a beautiful child, both inside and out. She has a joyful spirit. That is how I would describe her best.

Claire has kept up with her homework in about 2 hours a day. Makes me wonder what they do in school for 8 hours. She spends her downtime being the pied piper for all the little ones here. She loves to play with them.We especially enjoy Jada, who is about 13 months, just a spitfire with no fear and all personality. But they are all darling. I think we have 14 families here. They are just precious.
We went to church on the Island this weekend, and it was amazing to see how China has changed in 13 years. We didn't even have the opportunity to go to church when we were last here. I think we take so much for granted at home, and these people are so on fire and excited to get to attend achurch service. It was in Chinese and English, and a lovely service.

Today is the first trip to the embassy. We don't have to go, but need to be available in our rooms. I don't think we'll be going out. Shaelee has gotten a little cough, Claire has a sore throat and Ralph is all raspy. I am popping zinc and airborne all day long.

We are really homesick and miss the 3kids at home. Love that Aunt Kim and Uncle Chris are taking such good care of them. Thank you Priscilla, Linda, Emma and Katrina for your help as well. Quinn, great job on your soccer game! Viny and Emily, you are looking good on skype ! We love seeing all of your beautiful smiles. We love you all! Today begins Tuesday, only 4 more days till we get to come home. Love and Hugs from China!

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3 Peanuts said...

I am glad that Claire is there helping. I know my son, Will was a big help in China too.