Saturday, November 7, 2009

We plan to see The Forbidden City today, have dinner, and get up super early to get on a plane to meet our new daughter. Claire is holding on tight to mom and dad. She is a little tentative, but curious. She has kept up so far, with her Friday's homework.

Thanking my friends who gave us the supply of Sta*bu*ks instant coffee.
It's really good!

More tomorrow, and hopefully with some pictures. J


DiJo said...

Still smiling over God's amazing plan for two very special little girls in Hengshan!!!!! As I type, I pray you are all sleeping peacefully! A plane ride away a very special little girl is being prepared to meet her FOREVER family that God chose for her long before she was born!

THANK YOU for sharing your precious journey!

We are praying!

Hugs from MN!
Di, Jeff, Ainsley & Ruby Mei

The Oswalds said...

Thank you for allowing me to follow your very special journey. Blessings as you meet your beautiful daughter.

Friend of Di,