Friday, November 13, 2009

We leave tonight for Guangzhou

We leave tonight for Guangzhou at around 8pm. This means we're on the final leg of Shaelee's adoption. She continues to do well except for when we try to get her to take a nap. She hates to take her nap!

We want to say hello to the little one's at home! William "Quinn", Vincent and Emily, we miss you BAD! Thank you Uncle Chris and Aunt Kim,for taking care of the family, Gracie included!
Priscilla and Linda, hope you have a good time in Phoenix and thanks for helping give Chris and Kim a little break!
Quinn good luck on your last soccer game of the season!
Viny thanks for the 2 green cards this week!
Emily thanks for finishing your math for Aunt Kim this morning!

We have had a really great time in Changsha, the people have been wonderful, and the food terrific. We had a great time today visiting the Park, it was a bit chilly and windy, but the air was clear and crisp. It has been wonderful to share the week with new friends. We have especially enjoyed our 6 year old friend Kate, who lets us know when to meet in the playroom and when it's time to swim. She reminds us very much of our Emily.
We have also crossed paths with a family that goes to our Church in AZ. It's a needle in the haystack story, to quote our friend Diana. It seems somehow their son knew that another family was in China getting a sister, and asked his mom and dad to look for them. Last night, they asked if there was someone in the playroom from AZ. It appears our 10 year old's connected at some level and their son was convinced they could find us. And they did. We are saying our prayers that they get their paperwork expedited by both China and the U.S. to get home soon. They have been here for a week longer than we have, and it's possible they could be here another week. Too long to be gone from home. But what are the chances of 2 families connecting in Changsha, Hunan China?

Shaelee's little laugh and happy personality keep us going. She makes us smile with her constant chatter, dancing and sparkling little smile. We can't wait until we can finally understand what she is saying to us. We hope it's all nice.

Love from Changsha! Looking forward to Guangzhou and maybe some pizza!
Jill Ralph Claire and Shaelee

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DiJo said...

It is so great to hear how well that little sweetie is doing. Doesn't it just make your heart smile knowing she loves to twirl around and laugh... Clearly she has been loved!! And, so prepared to be loved by you!
What a blessing to hear this!!!! I hope you are having fun in GZ shopping and eating pizza!!!!