Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Shaelee is making amazing progress. She is happy, talks up a storm, and has the happiest little laugh known to man. She still loves her Claire, but tonight, we finally got the BIG BIG hugs. Still no kisses, only Claire gets those. ( :
Met a wonderful family from Chicago that we have dinner with each night. They have a 6 year old named Kate, that reminds us of our Emily. Last night the girls refused to eat when the chicken dinner was served with the head still on the plate. Thank goodness for rice.
Tonight we celebrated Shaelani's 4th birthday. It didn't take her long to figure out how to unwrap gifts. Shrieks of excitement filled the restaurant, as we sang "happy birthday" to our precious peanut. I cannot tell you, how incredible she is.
We miss our kiddos at home. William Quinn, Vincent and Emily, we love you all. Thank you Aunt Kim and Uncle Chris for watching out for them and taking such good care of the 3 of you.
We are glad to hear that Papa's surgery went well. We were all praying for you! Can't wait to talk to you!!!

Love from Changsha!

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The Oswalds said...

Congratulations, she is beautiful and looks so happy! So glad things are going so well!