Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's our last night in Guangzhou.

It's our last night in Guangzhou. I am ready to get back to Beijing and finally get home. I am really looking forward to sharing some photos of our trip as well. I miss my family and friends. It is also a sad time because you meet such amazing people on the adoption journey. We will miss our friends from Holt as well as our new friends Christine, Matt, Kate, Josie and mom. But we are happy to be going to Chicago next year where we can see them again.

We are happy to let everyone know that Mary and Brian are keeping their consulate appointment tomorrow, and as long as Lexi's passport arrives by Friday they should be home this weekend. We can't wait to see them at Church the following Sunday. So glad that we got to meet them!

Shaelee and Claire are doing great. We are keeping up with most of our homework. Shaelee is a typical 4 year old, everything is a game, and her curious nature keeps us on our toes. Yesterday she learned hide and seek in the hotel room. It got a little loud!

We got her passport today, picked up a few gifts for back home, and are packing like crazy. We see the Great Wall on Friday, and are on an afternoon flight back to San Francisco on Saturday. Ralph has learned the art of negotiating a great price. Not sure how we did, but he was all over trying to get the best deal possible. For those of you who know Ralph, that's not typical. He tends to be pretty laid back. But when it comes to saving money, he's a different man (:

Thank you Kim, Chris, Linda and Priscilla. Claire can't wait to see her "extreme home makeover" bedroom. She is really excited to see how it came out. Me too for that matter. It takes special people to do something so sweet for Claire as well as for the other kids. Again, thank you.

To Diana, thank you for being a daily part of our journey here in China,it's been great to have you with us (: Can't wait to hear about your travels as well.

Claire and Shaelee are watching Angelina Ballerina, hoping Shaelee falls asleep. We have had a wonderful time in China, are blessed beyond belief to have these 5 beautiful children. All is good. J

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3 Peanuts said...

I hope that you have arrived home safely and soundly and that you are catching up with your loved ones and your sleep. I will pray that Shaelee acclimates well and the adjustments are easy on everyone. Blessings,